Lotu Beach

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The Lotu and its clear waters... quite a programme!

The two small beaches of Lotu are the first in the Agriate when leaving Saint-Florent. Located 15 minutes away by boat, they are separated by a rocky strip with an impassable edge, but ideal for a quiet anchorage.

The little Lotu, to swim in peace.

This pretty little secret cove, barely visible from the open sea, is perfect if you are looking for peace. To get there, go around Punta Cavallata, a rocky point in the shape of a sphinx. You can climb up to discover the ruins of a building that used to house monks who were "watchful of invaders"... A stone's throw from the customs path and its hikers.

The Lotu: larger and well-sheltered.

Located on the other side of the cove, the beautiful Lotu beach is also trendy as it is well protected from westerly winds. It is easy to spot from the open sea thanks to its sizeable floating pontoon, to which it is forbidden to tie up! You must anchor beyond 300m to leave the beach free for swimming. Its gentle slope makes it a perfect spot for children, but there can be some excellent rollers in case of a gale. Be careful; no site is supervised in the Agriate.

Our wellness tips:

Bring something to protect yourself from the sun, as there is no shade: sufficient water and a picnic. Nevertheless, there are two straw huts a few minutes walk away in the direction of Saleccia: the "Cabane du Lotu", well hidden in the vegetation and at the water's edge and "A piniccia di Saleccia", behind the beach of Saleccia. Don't forget to book to enjoy grilled meats and salads in an idyllic setting...

Navigation info

GPS location : 42° 43ʹ 10,36 Nord / 9° 14ʹ 0,07 Est.

Amers : Punta Cavallata (or Sphinx), a large rock plunging into the sea east of the cove, a floating pontoon at the end of the beach on the west side (from May to October) followed by a long rocky point to the west. A fine sandy beach of about 100m on the east side and 400m on the west side, with the outlet of two ponds and dominated by Monte Porcini (alt. 115 m) to the north-west, a steep rocky strip in the centre of the cove between the two beaches.

Anchorage : From Punta Cavallata to the end of the beach on the west side by 2 to 7 meters of sandy bottom, particularly clear.

Danger : The shoreline is overflowing with rocks, especially in the west at the foot of Monte Porcini.

Exposition : Fairweather anchorage, open to North to North-West winds. Protection against West/South-West winds.

Resources : The customs path along the banks of the Agriate is hectic during the season. Possible refreshments at the "Cabane du Lotu".

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